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FreshSafe-PET® protects quality beverages and food in two ways: a protective layer of ultra-thin glass keeps oxygen and other substances from entering the PET bottle and keeps valuable components inside.

We thus combine the following advantages of PET and glass in a single, intelligent system:

FreshSafe-PET® protects quality beverages and food in two ways: a protective layer of ultra-thin glass keeps oxygen and other substances from entering the PET bottle and keeps valuable components inside.

We thus combine the following advantages of PET and glass in a single, intelligent system:

Perceptible freshness
FreshSafe-PET® convinces in tests right from the start. This is how excellent and fresh quality products contained in high quality PET bottles can taste.

Full taste
FreshSafe-PET® lastingly protects valuable contents and retains the real, pure taste.

Ideal product protection
FreshSafe-PET® retains the high quality of products - from bottling until opening.

Long shelf life
FreshSafe-PET® protects products with an ultra-thin layer of pure glass - thereby increasing the shelf life, in some cases significantly.

Light in weight
FreshSafe-PET® makes life a little lighter. Each bottle has the same properties as glass but is considerably lighter in weight.

Crystal-clear quality
FreshSafe-PET® is also as clear as glass. Even at first glance, bottles look bright and shiny and make you want more.

High break-resistance
FreshSafe-PET® is just as unbreakable as other types of PET. That makes the bottles perfect companions in everyday life - such as in sports activities, at school, and at work.

100% sustainable
FreshSafe-PET® is fully recyclable. This permits sustainable production without having a negative impact on the recycling loop.

How does it work?



FreshSafe-PET® is a coating process developed by KHS Plasmax. The inside of the PET bottle is finished with an ultra-thin layer of pure glass that not only reliably protects the contents but also has a brilliant appearance. The Plasmax process ensures that the ultra-thin glass layer is bonded firmly with the PET under all conditions and that stays where it belongs - on the
inside of the bottle.

This is how the process works
Who's behind it al?

KHS Plasmax


The launch of this ground-breaking innovation was in 2003 when Plasmax introduced a process for applying high-quality, ultra-thin glass coatings to the inside of PET packaging. We have continuously developed the process further since then. In the meantime, our InnoPET Plasmax machines are in operation successfully worldwide.

As a member of the KHS group - one of the world's leading suppliers of complete lines and single machines for the food and beverage industries - you are backed by great expertise and decades of experience. We would be happy to find the right system for you.

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Location of KHS Plasmax GmbH

  • Plasmax and Schott AG approve a joint venture to mutually develop the coating technology
  • Plasmax receives food regulatory approvals in Europe, United States, and Japan. Delivery of the first machines
  • Plasmax P12D machine is delivered and released for industrial production in Japan
  • 100% recyclability of Plasmax coated PET bottles confirmed in compliance with Petcore protocol
  • Plasmax goes to North America
  • Premium juice producer starts Plasmax production in Switzerland
  • Plasmax customer receives Sustainability Award in Canada for lightweight, recyclable PET bottles
  • Premium juice producer in Germany puts new high-performance Plasmax P20Q machine into operation
  • Premium mineral water producer and KHS Plasmax receive Packaging Oscar for innovative, lightweight, and sustainable packaging
  • New Plasmax+ expands application range for new markets
Who uses FreshSafe-PET®?



What do the experts think?



„For a long time, our company and R&D department have been seeking for a packaging solution to keep our beverages safe and fresh.
Then we found the perfect solution with FreshSafe-PET® which we call CAMPET (Glass-PET). Now, we are serving the market with a packaging which is light as PET and good as glass. The Turkish market has welcomed this with enthusiasm and demands more and more beverages in CAMPET every day.“

Rafet Doğanay

CEO Doğanay Gida

„In our search for the perfect barrier coating for PET wine bottles
we came across the KHS Plasmax technology.
It is inextricably linked to the success story of wine in PET in the USA.“

Fred Piercy

Business Director of Wine and Spirits
at Amcor Rigid Plastics

„After considering the various options (...) plasma inside coating
with silicon dioxide is currently one of the most useful technologies.“

Raimund Kalinowski

Publicly appointed and sworn expert by the IHK
for machines and plants in the brewery and beverage industries.

„The insides of all PET bottles requiring a barrier should be coated with SiOx. The SiOx coating is completely removed in the course of the recycling process so that there is no negative affect on the quality of the recycled PET (rPET). Using additives, however, to improve the barrier has a negative impact on the quality of rPET.“

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Rieckmann

Chemical Engineering Consulting,
Cologne University of Applied Sciences

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KHS, 08/13/2014
The world's first company to promote the innovative KHS Plasmax technology to consumers
Turkish beverage manufacturer Doganay Gida relies on three KHS aseptic lines at once, thereby underlining its strict quality policy more >>

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